Kriya is taught at Ananda Sangha just as Paramhansa Yogananda taught it — as a comprehensive spiritual path. Its effectiveness has been experienced by thousands of dedicated Ananda Kriya Yogis, from all walks of life, religion, and nationality.

The Path of Kriya Yoga course has 4 stages / Levels – Lessons in Meditation & Energization, The Art and Science of Raja Yoga, Guru / Disciple Relationship and Preparing for Kriya Yoga.

  • We have classes both Online and Offline.
  • Our offline classes usually take place at  Kankpura Pipe Line Road – Bangalore

Introduction To Kriya Yoga

Learn to Meditate

Yoganandaji taught two basic techniques that can be learned and practiced by anyone, of any faith, on any path. The Hong-Sau technique of concentration and the Energisation Exercises. This offered as one day class course.

Level 1 – Lessons in Meditation & Energization

The practice of Kriya Yoga rests upon a foundation of daily meditation, service and devotion. This workshop will help you learn the basics of meditation and the Kriya science, with a focus on the Hong-Sau technique of meditation as originally taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

You will be given tested techniques to still your body, free your mind from restless thoughts and direct your inner awareness upward toward subtle spiritual realms within. These practical methods will quickly help you to relax both body and mind, focus your concentration, and expand your consciousness. Learn through direct experience what joy, peace, and deep calmness are really like and discover how quickly, through daily practice, these qualities can be yours in all aspects of your life!

Group Meditating with Hill View

Topics to be covered:

  • The theory of Kriya Yoga and the steps to Kriya initiation
  • How to establish a daily routine of meditation (sadhana)
  • How to reduce tension and stress at will
  • How to concentrate more effectively
  • Correct meditative posture
  • Energisation Exercises

Fee: Rs 800/-

Recommended books:
1. Lessons in Meditation
2. Autobiography of a Yogi

Upcoming Classes

In-Person/Offline Level 1 Saturday Batch Dec 09 @ 2 PM to 5 PM
In-Person/Offline Level 1 Saturday Batch Dec 16 @ 2 PM to 5 PM

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Foundation of Kriya Yoga

Level 2 – The Art and Science of Raja Yoga

On learning how to meditate we dive deeper into understanding the Essence of Self Realization which will span over three weeks.

The topics that will be covered in these four classes are – Energy and Magnetism, Opening the Heart and Balanced Living.

We will also cover the 39 Energization Exercises taught by Paramhansa Yogananda with guided practice at each class.

Fee: Rs 1800/-

Recommended books:

1. Essence of Self-Realization
2. Art & Science of Raja Yoga

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Level 3 – Guru Discipleship

Completion of the Essence of Self-realization and a regular practice of Meditation and Energization is a pre-requisite.

Involves learning AUM technique and understanding and accepting Guru-disciple relationship and spans over 4 weeks.

Fee: Rs 1800/-

Recommended books:

1. The New Path
2. God’s Boatman

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Kriya Yoga Preparation

Level 4 – Preparation for Kriya Yoga

This level contains the preparatory exercises and specific techniques to prepare for Kriya initiation. Classes include the history of Kriya, the astral spine, and how to bring the benefits of Kriya into daily life, Kriya Yoga Life style.

Completion of this course over 3 weeks followed by attending guided Sadhana aimed to build up your regular meditation practices are perquisite to qualify for getting Kriya initiation.

Fee: Rs 1800/-

Recommended books:

1. Essence of Bhagvat Gita
2. Preparation for Kriya Yoga

Upcoming Classes

In-Person/Offline Level 4 Saturday Batch Dec 02 & Dec 09 @ 10 AM to 1 PM

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The Kriya Yoga Technique

Once the student has completed all the levels and upon approval by an Ananda Kriyacharya, one can take initiation. The technique is given in an initiation ceremony.

A Kriya technique review, checking, and question and answer session is held after the initiation for the Kriyabans (one who receives Kriya Initiation). Continued support is provided through a monthly inspirational newsletter, individual guidance by phone, e-mail or in person, as well as through guided Kriya meditations and retreats.
Schedules for various courses are announced from time to time and are available on our calendar.

‘Repeat to each of your disciples this majestic promise from the Bhagavad Gita: “Swalpamasya dharmasya, trayata mahato bhoyat”—“Even a little bit of the practice of this religion will save you from dire fears and colossal sufferings.”’

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