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As Taught by Paramhansa Yogananda

Kriya Yoga is an ancient technique that was hidden in secrecy for many centuries. It was revived in 1861, when the great yogi Mahavatar Babaji taught the technique to his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya during their meeting in the Himalayas.

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“Kriya Yoga is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened. The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery. This is India’s unique and deathless contribution to the world’s treasury of knowledge.”Swami Sri Yukteswar, Autobiography of a Yogi

Special Events

Paramhansa Yogananda’s arrival in Boston in 1920 marked the beginning of a new wave of spiritual consciousness in America and throughout the world.
Watch Swami Kriyananda talk about the role of the Avatar in the video.

Twenty four new disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda took the blessed vow on 11th of April, 2021 with Nayaswami Haridas & Nayaswami Roma at Ananda Sangha Bangalore.

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  • Start meditating with simple but universal methods, as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda
  • Take advantage of our online classes & center events
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A Touch of Light

  • A blog of spiritual adventures with shiny pearls of wisdom, updated weekly
  • Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi are spiritual directors of Ananda Sangha Worldwide

Our Weekly Satsangs

  • Watch previous recordings of Sunday Satsangs by Nayaswamis Haridas & Roma
  • They are spiritual directors of Ananda Sangha Bangalore

Healing Request

  • Request for Healing Prayers for your near and dear ones by long time kriya yogis
  • These are based upon divine will healing, as taught by Paramhansa  Yogananda
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Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust

  • Serves 4550 destitute, abandoned & helpless elderly women (we call them ‘mothers’) every month
  • Operates presently in Vrindavan and Radhakund, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • The elderly women and widows above 60 years of age, have been left all alone
  • Their circumstances range from death of all family members to abuse & being cast out by their own husband & children
  • In the least fortunate cases, these widows have been cast out by their families due to an outdated social custom of isolation of widow, after her husband’s death
  • Most of them belong to the distant & backward parts of the states of Uttar Pradesh & West Bengal
  • PYPCT Sevaks have opened their hearts and souls and given these mothers a family
  • Listen to mothers’ stories of survival with utmost trust & faith, in the featured video
  • Our humble attempt is to share love, care and compassion with these mothers for the betterment of their physical, emotional and spiritual being
  • GIVE FOR CHANGE  – If you too feel inspired to offer your seva for this cause, please feel free to do so by clicking the button
Autobiography of a Yogi

The Original Unaltered Edition